The Ancient Beauty Secret of the Geishas

If you've been wrestling with the idea of using oils on your skin, all you have to do is look to those known for their perfectly smooth porcelain skin to change your mind…

We’re talking about the Japanese of course, but before you reach for just any oil you see in your cupboard, take a pause. In this article we’re going to cover a highly sought after "superfood" oil in Japan known as Camellia oil or Tsubaki oil, which may strike your fancy if you desire that radiant, dare we say airbrushed look. Let's learn more about this remarkable superfood oil rich in omegas, vitamins and antioxidants that naturally promotes a smooth, silky, blemish-free complexion.


Camellia oil was first purported to be used for thousands of years as a nourishing cooking oil in Japan. That’s until the women of the Oshima Island of Japan were discovered having the most gorgeous long hair and radiant skin. It turns out, they were using oil harvested from Camellia seeds and nuts on their skin and hair...

It wasn't to be kept a secret on Oshima Island for long. In the late 1700's a profession of lavishly costumed female entertainers came on the scene known as Geishas, who would not only sing, dance and play musical instruments for the elite, but embodied the Japanese notion of beauty, elegance and female perfection. Admired for their captivating beauty and poise, the Geishas took beauty very seriously.  Hearing of the gorgeous Oshima women's secret, the Geishas soon adopted Camellia oil as a staple in their beauty routine to remove their makeup, wash their faces as well as moisturize, nourish and rejuvenate their skin. Along with several other intriguingly simple (yet effective!) do-it-yourself beauty rituals - such as washing with rice water (rich in vitamin B) and drinking antioxidant-rich green tea daily - the Geishas perfected the art of natural beauty, with Camellia oil as a star player, to achieve silky-smooth, porcelain-looking skin. 

Botany: The Camellia Plant

Camellias are long-lived shrubs and trees that prodigiously bloom during colder months, even in the dead of winter.  With glossy green leaves and gorgeous blossoms appearing amidst the snow, the camellia flower is a symbol of the coming of Spring, but also known culturally as a symbol of admiration and perfection. The mountains of South Eastern Asia is where you can find the evergreen Camellia oleifera species, alongside another rather well-known cousin, Camellia Sinesis, known as the "tea plant" from which green, black and oolong tea are made. Matcha, anyone? 

The seeds or nuts of Camellia oleifera, from which our Organic Camellia Beauty Oil is made, are wildcrafted and then extracted with a cold oil press to reveal a light amber green oil.  This single ingredient is such a nutrient-rich superstar, we don't blend it with anything else- just 100% pure, organic cold-pressed camellia oil.

Nutrient Profile

Non-greasy and non-clogging, this oil is a richly nourishing source of essential fatty acids and anti-aging antioxidants. It’s especially high in oleic acid or omega-9 fatty acid (more so than olive oil), an exceptional and very effective transdermal carrier which aids the skin and hair in retaining moisture.  Let's just say if you have dry and/or mature skin, your skin will come alive with a boost of omega-9 fatty acid.

Camellia oil also contains vitamins A, B, and E, along with minerals Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, P, and Zn, not to mention; Camellia oil is rich in squalene, a star ingredient for moisturizing and preventing premature aging, sagging, and wrinkles.

Skin Benefits

Camellia boasts some unique qualities. Camellia oil is feather-light oil, however it is also one of the quickest absorbing oils, and able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, which is ideal for effectively combating dryness and signs of aging, leaving the skin hydrated, revitalized and touch-ably smooth. The unique composition of Camellia oil helps to restore the skin’s natural pH balance and protect from environmental stressors such as photo damage and free radicals. The Japanese have proven for generations that Camellia oil is a skincare delicacy for all skin types as it deeply moisturizes, refines and smooths skin texture, reduces pore size, brightens, and prevents pre-mature aging, without clogging pores. If that weren't enough, Camellia doubles as the perfect organic makeup primer, forming a nano-lipid (micro-fat) barrier on the skin that nourishes and protects the skin and creates a healthy glow effect.

A natural emollient, Camellia oil protects the skin, while smoothing and calming rough, flaky, and irritated skin. When used regularly Camellia oil will also protect from age-spots and pigmentation, reduce and soften lines and wrinkles, as well as restore elasticity and boost collagen.

This truly multi-tasking oil is also known to be a nourishing hair treatment as well! Vitamins A, B, and E in Camellia oil helps to promote healthy locks, and protects the hair and scalp from the environment. Those with colored hair will also be happy as Camellia oil can actually protect against fading.  Simply apply several drops to the hair and run through each strand, leaving on for about 20 minutes, then rinse out. 

Using Camellia Oil

In our line of single note face oils we offer a 100% pure, certified organic, cold-pressed Camellia Beauty Oil  which is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive, oily, dry and mature skin.  Curious to try a sample? We now have a mini/sample size available here

To use our Camellia oil, simply apply 3-5 drops into the palm of your hand (after cleansing). Rub your palms together gently, and dab or smooth over your face and neck until absorbed. Repeat day and night, or as needed.  With continued use, your skin will be smooth, silky-soft and noticeably healthier and younger-looking. Get your bottle of Organic Camellia Oil today!


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