Dog Whisperer® Tick + Flea

.Battling ticks or fleas? Take back control with our Dog Whisperer® Plant-Based Tick + Flea System. This easy, eco-friendly 3-Step System is kind on your dog and home, but tough on ticks and fleas, with a powerful, proven effective blend of essential oils (that actually smells fantastic!) including cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary and more...  If you are looking for a tick + flea solution with uncompromising purity standards you've come to the right place - look no further than Dog Whisperer®! 

Repel ticks + fleas, naturally!

Proven Effective
Eco-friendly & Non-irritating
 Made with 100% Pure Essential Oils
 Clove + Eugenol FREE
✔ Refreshing Herbal Scent
 Made in USA