Organic Face Oils

No matter which way you choose to say it, it comes down to this: Healthy Skin = Beautiful Skin. Transform the quality of your skin with organic, high performance botanical oils. Face Oils, Beauty Oils, or as we like to call them "Superfood For Your Skin," are quickly absorbed and immediately go to work to hydrate, nourish, smooth, and regenerate with a symphony of nutrients, omega fatty-acids, antioxidants, and more. Try our luxurious age-defying collection, VIVA by YAYA Organics, for youthful, luminous skin, made with superfood ingredients from around the world.  Or fall in love with our new line of singluar high-performance Beauty Oils, a collection of pure botanical oils that are intentionally selected for their unique and outstanding nutritive profiles.  All of our certified organic face oils are fantastically versatile. Perfect as your plumping moisturizer and anti-aging serum (in one!), face oils may even be mixed in with a favorite cream (to enhance it's benefits), blended with cosmetic foundation for a dewy glow, or take it on the go for your ideal mid-day make-up refresher.