Dog Whisperer® No-Rinse Waterless Eco-Friendly Dog Shampoo - Lavender Spearmint Scent

  • $13.99
  • Easy-to-apply foam rubs into your dog's coat to cleanse, deodorize + condition with a refreshing Lavender-Spearmint scent
  • Eliminate odors and freshen up your dog's coat without the hassle of a dog bath
  • pH-balanced for dogs
  • Freshen up your dog’s coat between wet shampoos or whenever you want your dog smelling fresh
  • Premium botanical ingredients promote a healthy shiny coat: made with coconut-based cleansers and conditioners, zinc, vitamins E and pro-V B5, organic aloe vera and rosemary extract
  • Recommended for dogs 12 weeks and older
  • Directions: Massage foam into dog's coat. Towel dry if desired. Brush dog's coat after application has dried.
  • 8 fl oz (210 ml) 

INGREDIENTS:  contains: deionized water, organic aloe vera juice, renewable coconut + vegetable-based cleansers + conditioners, plant-derived preservative, fragrance made with
essential oils, rosemary leaf extract, fortifying vitamins E+ pro-V B5, odor neutralizer derived from zinc and castor oil