Raspberry Beauty Oil - Certified Organic


Raspberry Beauty Oil is the "Queen of Antioxidants."  Cold-pressed from the seeds of Organic Meeker Red Raspberries, this precious radiance-boosting oil elegantly nourishes, softens, smooths and plumps the skin while conquering free radical damage as well as photo damage. Uniquely bestowed with the incredibly renewing "ellagic acid", Meeker Red Raspberry Seed oil is proven to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, without a single synthetic chemical touching your skin. If that weren't enough, Raspberry seed oil creates a Nano-Lipid barrier, sealing in moisture while shielding the skin from harmful free-radicals, preventing premature aging.  Apply Red Raspberry Beauty oil to effortlessly achieve softer, smoother and younger-looking skin with a luminous glow.  Indulge your senses and give yourself one of nature's finest skincare gifts with pure, Organic Raspberry Beauty oil.  Ideal for Sensitive, Irritated, Dry, Very Dry and Mature skin-types.

Provides soothing and healing benefits for skin rashes including eczema and psoriasis.

Subtle, Fruity Aroma.

Immediate and Progressive Results.

1.25 fluid ounces (37ml.)

Dropper Application

100% Pure, Certified Organic. 

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed raspberry seed oil