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  • MUST-HAVE!! Never found a tick using this stuff!

    Katherine Phoenix, verified customer (tick ban)

  • This works SO SO SO great. We went on a hike with the dads and go totally lost for 2.5 hours 😳it was incredibly buggy and swarming with mosquitos. We sprayed the kids with this (YAYA's Baby Bug Ban) and we used another on the adults. The kids did not get bit a single time. Seriously, not one bite the entire time! No mosquitos, flies or ticks! We ended up drenching ourselves in the baby bug spray 🤣 I will never buy a different brand!!!!

    Verified Customer (Baby Bug Ban)

  • "We use this on our dog for our daily hikes in the woods, near our house. The only time she's come home with a tick is when I forgot to spray her with this stuff beforehand. It works!"

    Verified Customer (TICK BAN)

  • Highly recommended. Pregnant and wanted to be mindful of what I put on body. Went camping and had like zero bites. Friends who used DEET were covered with bites!

    Samantha Gagne, verified customer (squito ban)

  • "I used this the first time when I took my 8 month old camping, it’s so hard to find a bug spray that I feel good about but this one is it! I bought this specifically for my baby and planned on using the regular chemical filled sprays on the adults, well after realizing that the ONLY person on our camping trip not being eaten alive was the baby, we all started using the YAYA Organics. I won’t buy any other bug sprays in the future, this is the one my family and I are making the switch to."

    Christine, verified customer (BABY BUG BAN)

  • I used this product for the first time over the 4th of July. I am very attractive to insects of all types, and especially mosquitoes. I was able to sit on a dock at the lake to watch fireworks. It was evening and the mosquitoes were out in full force. Not one mosquito bothered me, much less bit me. In fact, none of the many types of insects came near me. I highly recommend this excellent, healthy product.

    Verified Customer (Squito ban)

  • It works brilliantly!! I LOVE this product!!! I took it with me when I went into the woods the other day and I did not get bit. I will be carrying this with me whenever I go for a hike. It's non-toxic and it actually works!!! I'll be getting a bigger bottle next time!!

    Cherie Harris, Verified Customer (SQUITO BAN)

  • I looked into some natural topical repellents, and almost bought a different, more well known brand, but this one had better reviews. I sprayed this on my dogs before every hike and didn’t find a single tick on them, despite us being in an areas that are known for having lots of ticks. I also sprayed myself and didn’t find any ticks on me, either. I consider that a win! Very happy to have found this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try more natural tick protection.

    verified customer (tick ban)

  • "Holy GRAIL!! This is a MUST have! I love this stuff and will never use anything else. We haven’t found one tick on our German Shepherd or on ourselves."

    Peggy, verified customer (Tick Ban)

  • "AMAZING! You will not regret trying this! NO TICKS AT ALL."

    Desiray, verified customer (tick ban)

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