Our Story

Hey there! Meet the owners behind the brand; Alex, Rebecca and Valeria. We are three women (and mothers!) who live in gorgeous rural New Hampshire, where YAYA Organics was founded in 2014.  We are passionate about staying active outdoors with our families throughout all 4 seasons, whether it's running, hiking, camping, kayaking, gardening, walking the dog, or exploring our beautiful White Mountains. 

So how did we start making all-natural bug repellents? The YAYA story began in 2014 when Alex and Rebecca (mother and daughter) couldn't ignore the tick problem in their own backyard. The ticks were getting worse each year, and they were determined to find an effective all-natural solution that would protect them and their family. Rebecca's son David who was about 1 year old at the time, and was curious to crawl and explore all over the lawn and gardens. Concerned about the ticks, Alex and Rebecca started looking into their options for protection. They were disappointed that there was nothing natural and proven effective on the market that specifically targeted ticks, so Alex and Rebecca set out to make the ultimate all-natural tick repellent.  After obsessively researching various plant-based oils that repel ticks, they began developing and testing until they came up with a homerun formula. This extra potent formula boasted a high % of bio-actives, a refreshing herbal scent, and an ingredients panel that they could trust including cedarwood, peppermint, geranium, rosemary and more... TICK BAN was born.

Alex and Rebecca knew that this niche product met a very real need, so they decided to launch TICK BAN locally, sharing it with naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, natural food stores, small grocers and retailers. The response was electric, and YAYA quickly blossomed as a company, welcoming their third partner Valeria to the YAYA family, expanding their product line to include SQUITO BAN and BABY BUG BAN, and rolling out nation-wide. The three women of YAYA are a fun, dynamic and energized team who share the same passion for all-natural ingredients, and a deeply rooted commitment to the health and well-being of their families, as well as the environment. 

Our grass-roots story is just the beginning. The pure, eco-friendly and back-to-nature ethos of YAYA Organics is woven into every aspect of our business as we grow, from product development, to sourcing raw materials, choosing eco-friendly packaging and more. We believe that ingredients matter, and that nature always provides the best options with a wide range of amazing and therapeutic benefits on many levels.

Today Alex, Rebecca and Valeria are proud to be a 100% women-owned company that offers a premium all-natural  bug repellent line that is truly effective, enjoyable to use, made with authentic ingredients and environmentally-friendly.  Go natural! Go YAYA! 

Benefits of Partnering with a Certified Women-Owned Business