DOG WHISPERER® Healthy + Eco-Friendly Shampoos

Blissful doggy baths start with clean, healthy ingredients you can trust.  Discover Dog Whisperer® Healthy Eco-Friendly Dog Shampoos, leading the pack in luxuriously clean, eco-friendly dog shampoos, with SLS-free, coconut-based formulas that are packed to the brim with nourishing botanicals and soothing extracts like organic aloe, neem, Vitamin Pro-V B5 and more.  Eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients are complimented by the recyclable kraft-paper bottle that’s biodegradable and uses 70% less plastic than regular shampoo bottles, for the ultimate earth-friendly dog shampoo experience.  Our paraben-free formulas are ph-balanced, non-irritating, vegan and made with no synthetic fragrances or dyes.  Best of all? Your dog’s coat will be so fluffy, shiny, and velvety-soft  that you won’t want to stop the cuddles!