Dog Whisperer® Plant-powered Tick + Flea Bundle (3-Step System)

  • $65.00

Battling ticks and fleas? You've come to the right place. 

Take back control with our EASY and EFFECTIVE plant-powered 3-step system, designed to treat prevent ticks & fleas on your dog and in the home.  Made with natural and clean ingredients you and your family can feel good about, such as cedarwood oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil, this 3-step system effectively eliminates ticks, and fleas at all stages of the flea lifecycle.  PREVENT + TREAT the healthy + eco-friendly way with Dog Whisperer Tick + Flea System. 

  • Extra Strength, Lab-tested and Proven Formulas
  • Includes 3 full-size products: Tick + Flea repellent spray 16 oz , Flea Buster Shampoo Treatment 16 oz, and the Tick + Flea Home Treatment spray 24 oz
  • Flea Buster Shampoo* is made with a coconut-based castile soap and is a deep cleaning formula proven to kill fleas at all stages of the flea lifecycle, while being gentle on your dog's skin, and leaving your dog's coat fluffy, clean and smelling surprisingly fresh. This formula is SLS-free and is gentle enough for year-round use.  
  • Tick + Flea Home Treatment Spray is proven to kill ticks and fleas, and will kill fleas at all stages of their lifecycle. This fresh-scented non-staining formula is designed to be sprayed on carpets, dog bedding, couches, and anywhere your dog sleeps or hangs out in the home. Customers love the uplifting scent! 
  • Tick + Flea Repellent Spray is a preventative product, crafted with a special blend of essential oils that repel ticks and fleas. Safe and effective for dogs AND people alike.  Think of this product as an herbal shield that will keep ticks and fleas away from the dog. Best if applied before going on outdoor adventures.  100% plant-based, and lab-tested. 
*Note: For best results, and to eliminate a flea infestation in the home, we recommend using the complete 3-step Tick + Flea system by Dog Whisperer.  If there is an on-going flea infestation present in your home, we recommend vacuuming all affected areas on a daily basis, and following up with applying the Tick + Flea Home Treatment Spray to all carpets, dog beds, couches and anywhere the dog sleeps and hangs out. If fleas are in the dog's bedding, these items will need to be laundered. These steps are important to eliminate the fleas, along with their eggs and larvae, preventing further lifecycles from hatching and proliferating.  Shampooing the dog with our Flea Buster shampoo is designed to be an effective solution to eliminate fleas that are present on the dog, but this step alone will not eliminate a flea infestation from the home.  For best results, treat your dog as well as the home, to effectively stop the flea lifecycle.
*See individual listings for product ingredients