Dog Whisperer® Tick + Flea Home Treatment Spray 24oz

  • $25.00

Dog Whisperer® Tick + Flea Home Treatment Spray is a clean, plant-powered solution for treating ticks and fleas in your home.  Eliminate ticks + fleas with healthy ingredients like cedarwood oil and peppermint oil that give you peace of mind, while leaving your home smelling fantastically fresh!

  • 100% Plant-Based formula
  • Kills ticks + fleas (Kills fleas at all stages of lifecycle including eggs + larvae)
  • Non-staining formula, made for spraying on dog bedding, kennels, carpets, couches, under the couch, upholstery, car interiors, etc.
  • Made with an extra strength blend of essential oils including cedarwood, peppermint + rosemary
  • Uplifting herbal scent, will leave your home smelling incredibly fresh! 
  • Lab-tested and proven effective

How it Works:

  1. Spray a light mist evenly and thoroughly over affected area. Avoid soaking. This product is non-staining when used as directed.  (Repeat as needed.)
  2. To use on your dog, spray the product thoroughly through your furry friend's coat, avoiding eyes, nose & mouth. (Remove visible ticks with tweezers.) 
  3. For best results, directly follow with our Dog Whisperer Flea Buster shampoo treatment, to ensure ticks and fleas are eliminated from your dog.  For preventing further issues with ticks and fleas, use the Dog Whisperer Tick + Flea Repellent spray for all outdoor adventures. 

INGREDIENTS: ACTIVE 3.1%: Cedarwood Oil 2.0%. Peppermint Oil 1.0%, Rosemary Oil 0.1%   INERT: Deionized Water, Castile Soap

YAYA Organics represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registering with the EPA under FIFRA-25b