Tick + Mosquito Outdoor Yard Spray

  • $29.99
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Protect your yard from unwanted bugs with YAYA's new eco-friendly yard spray!

YAYA's ready-to-use tick + mosquito yard spray safely controls and prevents intrusive insects on your lawn, while being safe for the whole family, your furry pets and even beneficial pollinators.  Easy and fast to use, too! Simply attach the yellow hose end sprayer to a garden hose, and you're ready to spray.  You and your family can get out there and enjoy your fresh-smelling yard immediately after applying without any dry-time.

Time to reapply? We've got you covered with our eco-friendly refill concentrate that makes 4 applications, at a great value. Welcome to worry-free, nature-powered bug control you can feel good about! 


  • Kills & Repels:  ticks, mosquitos, fleas, ants
  • Earth Friendly - safe for families with kids, dogs and other pets
  • Fast & Easy to Use - Simply attach to your hose, and go!
  • Can be sprayed on your lawn, patio, shrubbery, trees, and gardens
  • Fresh Cedar Scent - Enjoy your lawn immediately after applying
  • Powered by essential oils (including cedarwood, clove + sesame oils) and plant-derived actives 
  • Ready to Use Yard Spray covers 5,500 sq. ft.
  • Refill Concentrate makes 4 applications (total of 22,000 sq. ft.)