TickKey Easy Tick Removal Tool

  • $10.00

The original "TickKey" is the easiest-to-use tick removal device on earth. TickKey is made of durable, high-strength anodized aluminum.  It is a small, light-weight and compact tool that's perfectly designed for removing ticks from your skin, or your pet's skin.  The flat shape is easy to store and carry - you can attach it to your key ring and bring it with you anywhere.  

Remove ticks simply and effectively in three easy steps:

1. Place the key over the tick in the tear-drop hole (Stamped side up).

2. Slide the TickKey against the skin to entrap the tick in the tapered slot.

3. Do NOT lift the TickKey. Continue pulling quickly in the same direction for proper removal.  

*Disinfect with alcohol after each use. Thoroughly wash and disinfect bite area and hands.