5 Ways To Avoid Ticks, Naturally.

5 Ways To Avoid Ticks, Naturally.

Yep, tick season is officially here folks.

There are many tick preventative products available, but many include harmful ingredients that can actually put your health at risk, so you’ll be worrying about more than just ticks. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives as well as some useful tips that can go a long way in keeping ticks at bay!

Be armed and ready this tick season with this tick prevention wisdom...


Wear light clothing to help identify ticks on clothing more easily. If you’re headed into a tick environment, use this wisdom; no dark jeans, patterns, and black/brown clothing or any dark colors if possible. A bonus of wearing light colors is that you’ll keep mosquitos away, because they are attracted to dark clothing.


Alright, so you may not try this tip going to the office, but if your headed outside for a hike or into some long grass, this tip is primo: tuck long, light-colored or preferably WHITE socks over your pant legs to prevent ticks from crawling up your pants and coming in contact with skin. Hey, it really works! Tall boots work well too, or gators.


If you don’t already have TICK BAN, our amazing all-natural tick repellent spray, you will want to get your hands on this effective aromatic weapon!  We recommend spraying generously on skin and clothing, especially on the lower body where people usually brush up against ticks. Spray every 1-2 hours, or as needed.  You can use this spray for the entire family, including your dog! TICK BAN has a fresh, uplifting smell and is made with premium quality essential oils that ticks hate, such as; cedarwood, peppermint, thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, and geranium. Purchase TICK BAN here.

TICK BAN available in 2 convenient sizes

Thousands of customers use TICK BAN because it is truly effective.  An independent blogger recently reviewed TICK BAN and said the following:

“…  I decided to get a bottle and put it to the test. I used it for the entire spring and through the summer. I sprayed it on my and my toddler’s shoes, the bottom of my baby carrier, and if we were in high grass, on the bottom of our pants. That’s it.

No ticks. Not one. Every time I used this, it worked. Part of me wondered if we just weren’t tick prone, or it maybe we were just lucky, but we spent a lot of time outdoors, and there was one late summer day when I took my kids to a converted battlefield (we didn’t even go in the woods) and I forgot my Yaya spray. That evening, I pulled an embedded tick out of my infant’s leg. After that, I bought more spray to keep in every car, and I began to sing my praises about this stuff to everyone I knew. IT WORKS.

I spray YAYA (TICK BAN) on myself, my children, and my dogs. It is a wonderful feeling being able to fully immerse yourself in the outdoors and not have to worry about drenching your kids in chemicals or worrying about them getting bitten by ticks.  Do yourself and your family a favor and invest in some of this stuff! You will NOT regret it.”

-Blog: Urbanknotsmama, “How to Ditch the Ticks,” Published March 2, 2018


Get in the routine of performing daily tick checks during tick season by looking over your body (and your family members') thoroughly, after every outdoor excursion.  Remember ticks are extremely small and may be mistaken for freckles or moles.  Personal checks can easily be done in the shower, but have another person check your back, neck and hair. Also, if you suspect ticks are lurking in your clothing or your kids clothing, toss them in your dryer immediately for 10 minutes (on high) to effectively kill them.


Maintain short grass to reduce the chances of ticks setting up residence on your lawn. They prefer moist environments in longer, taller grass to hide in with shade, they do not thrive in short grass because it exposes them to the sun and the heat can dehydrate or kill them.  Also inquire about local pest control. Some companies offer all-natural lawn spray treatments that help keep ticks at bay.

Don’t let ticks keep you indoors this spring/summer and ruin your summer fun! Follow these 5 helpful tips to reclaim the great outdoors and protect your family all season long!