How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally: Your go-to Flea-Busting checklist

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally: Your go-to Flea-Busting checklist

IMPORTANT: Read this all the way through from start to finish.  We do not recommend scrolling to the end, as you will miss important points essential to your success!

So your dealing with fleas? We know how frustrating it is.  Flea infestations are notoriously dreaded because they just don’t seem to go away easily, not to mention the annoying itching and scratching from those unwelcome bites.  

But don’t worry.  If you're dealing with a flea problem, take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered with this complete guide to eliminating fleas from your dog and your home, the natural way, with our new DOG WHISPERER Tick+ Flea complete system. The DOG WHISPERER tick + flea system is a simple, plant-based and non-toxic system, consisting of three easy-to-use products, made with pure plant-based ingredients. (No harmful or irritating chemicals here!)  You will learn in this guide how to effectively use the DOG WHISPERER tick + flea shampoo, home treatment spray and repellent, plus a wealth of essential tips...


First things first.  You need to identify and confirm you’re dealing with a flea infestation.  Are you and/or your dog itchy with red bites? Have you noticed a black pepper-like specks on your dog or in your home? This is  "flea dirt", the common name for flea feces.  Have you actually seen one or more fleas on your dog or in your home?  If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you have a flea infestation and need to take immediate action.

"Flea Dirt" 

Knowledge is Power.  You need to understand the different stages of the Flea Life-cycle (and how this affects you!)  The adult fleas in your home or on your dog represent only 5% (or less) of the actual flea infestation going on.  This means that the other 95% of fleas exist in the form of eggs, larvae or pupae and are not easily visible to the naked eye but will continue to wreak havoc in your home as they develop and hatch, unless you are committed to eradicating them from your dog and space (including all carpets, bedding, furniture and clothing.)

Reality Check. (You must read this.)  If you’ve ever experienced a flea infestation, you will know that successfully waging war on fleas in your home generally takes 2+ weeks if you are consistent and thorough in following these easy steps.  From experience, that’s the plain reality so we want you to know upfront that it’s not realistic to expect the fleas to disappear after just one or two days of treatment.  The unhatched eggs in your space will hatch anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks later, renewing the vicious cycle all over again.  So the sooner you implement these steps and get ahead of the flea’s life cycle, the better.  That being said, don’t be discouraged my friend -  just be consistent -  stay on top of it, and you WILL see results.  Follow this flea-busting checklist and soon those annoying fleas will be a thing of the past. 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, we're ready to take action.  Here's your go-to check list in conquering fleas naturally with the DOG WHISPERER tick + flea system! 

STEP 1: Get Fleas off your Dog.  It’s time for your dog to take a good old-fashioned bath with the DOG WHISPERER Tick + Flea shampoo.   This pH-balanced shampoo is tough on fleas, but gentle on your dog’s skin.  It’s made with a coconut-based castile soap and a special blend of tick and flea-fighting essential oils.  Before you wash your dog, we recommend spraying your dog with the DOG WHISPERER Tick + Flea Home Treatment Spray or the DOG WHISPERER Tick + Flea Repellent.  These products are great as a pre-bath treatment and are safe for your dog.  Simply spray your dog all over, (avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth), rubbing it into the dog’s coat, and then let it sit for 5-10 minutes.  Once the pre-treatment has had a few minutes to go to work, get your dog wet all over and massage in the DOG WHISPERER Tick + Flea Shampoo Work the shampoo into a generous lather, making sure to cover all areas including the dog’s back, belly, legs, chest and ears.  Let the shampoo sit for 5 minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly with warm water, (followed by a nice towel drying afterwards to keep your dog comfortable.)

 After your buddy’s coat has dried, feel free to follow up by combing with a flea comb to remove any dead fleas and remove stragglers.  Once you’re all done with shampooing (and combing if you so choose), you will want to go ahead and spray your dog's newly washed coat with DOG WHISPERER Tick + Flea Repellent as an extra layer of defense.  We highly recommend this step to deter the fleas from returning to your dog. 

A Few Extra Tips. Firstly, do NOT introduce your dog right back into a flea infested area of your house until you have treated your home (see steps 2 - 3 - 4) because the fleas will simply jump back on… not a good idea!  Secondly, shampooing your dog will be necessary several times per week until the infestation is completely eliminated.  Bathing your dog once is not equal to winning the entire flea battle, but bathing your furry buddy IS an essential step along the way and will pay off as all the steps are consistently followed...

Step 2:  Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!  You will need to vacuum everyday (or at least every other day- do your best!) to eliminate the infestation, including adults, eggs, larvae and pupae.  Make sure you vacuum under couches and furniture as fleas thrive in a dark, shadowy environment as we mentioned before.

You will also want to vacuum on top of furniture just to be sure to cover all your bases, especially if your dog jumps up on the couch/upholstered chairs.  Daily vacuuming, combined with spraying the DOG WHISPERER home treatment spray, cannot be underestimated for long-term success!

Step 3:  Treat all Carpets + Upholstered Furniture.  This is essential.  After vacuuming, spray the DOG WHISPERER Tick + Flea Home Treatment Spray evenly all over your carpets, in a uniform fashion, especially hitting dark/shadowy areas where fleas generally prefer to live and lay their eggs (like under couches and chairs).  Do this every day (or as often as possible) and preferably right after vacuuming. This spray is proven to kill fleas, including their eggs and larvae within 24 hours. 

Step 4:  Wash all Your Clothing, Blankets, Dog Beds, Sheets, etc. Wash everything you can that may have come in contact with fleas and throw it in the dryer on high for at least 20 minutes. Especially your dog’s bedding or any blanket/textile that your dog lays on, but also wash your clothing, and your bedding (with sheets).  Fleas will lay eggs in these areas so we want to make sure to stay on top of them by washing and drying regularly to kill the fleas in all stages of their lifecycle. 

Remember, flea eggs will be hatching every 2-14 days if you don’t kill them first!  (In warm/humid conditions, they will hatch much sooner than in cold/dry conditions.)

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 everyday (or every other day) for two weeks.  Like I said, the more consistent you are, the more effective you will be at stopping the fleas in their tracks and preventing new lifecycles to carry on.

Step 5: Outdoor Infestations. Depending on where you or your dog picked up the fleas, you may also want to address an outdoor infestation by:

a) mowing your lawn

b) treating your yard with a tick/flea lawn product, especially if you suspect the infestation originated in your yard, and...

c) we also recommend using the DOG WHISPERER Tick + Flea repellent every time you head outside with your dog. Spray the repellent thoroughly all over your dog (avoiding eyes, nose and mouth) before going outside. This extra strength tick and flea repellent is also suitable for humans, so you can go ahead and spray yourself (and other members of your household) as necessary.

There you have it! You got this! 

For your convenience, here is a Summary of the Daily Steps:

  1. Shampoo your dog with DOG WHISPERER tick + flea shampoo, followed by spraying your dog with the DOG WHISPERER tick + flea repellent for protection. Shampoo several times per week (until the infestation is gone.)
  2. Vacuum your carpets and furniture, making sure to thoroughly cover the dark/shadowy areas. 
  3. Treat the Home - Spray the DOG WHISPERER tick + flea home treatment spray everywhere that you vacuumed, including carpets, furniture, dog bedding, etc.
  4. Wash and Dry your clothing, blankets, sheets, dog bedding, etc.
  5. Spray your dog with DOG WHISPERER tick + flea repellent every time your dog heads outside, and after every bath treatment.

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We hope this article has been helpful to you.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact us. 

To your success!!

- The YAYA Organics team